If you've been enjoying our (read: my) recent trip down memory lane with the excellent No One Lives Forever spy games, be sure to check out this cool article at The Jace Hall Show about how the game almost didn't get made, complete with a new Q&A with creative director Craig Hubbard. » 7/24/13 8:15pm 7/24/13 8:15pm

No One Lives Forever Had TWO Of Gaming's Best Surprise Villains

We've already established that the 2000 spy game No One Lives Forever starred gaming's great unsung heroine. But as I finished it last weekend, I was struck anew by the excellent bad-guy fakeouts and surprise reveals at the end. » 7/16/13 8:00pm 7/16/13 8:00pm

A Visual History of Attractive Video Game Characters: The 00s

The first years of the new millennium brought us the seventh generation of video game consoles, and with that came a whole new family of attractive men and women. With new evolutions, this decade introduced the start of increasingly realistic-looking characters. » 5/02/13 8:21pm 5/02/13 8:21pm