YouTube Bans Indie Dev's Trailer Account as "Scams, Spam and Commercially Deceptive"

Whomever at YouTube banned Crosse Studios' account might want to reconsider that action. Inexplicably, the entire collection of trailers for the independent sports video game developer was taken out of commission yesterday, on the grounds that the videos violate YouTube's policy against "scams, spam and commercially‚Ķ »6/23/11 8:30pm6/23/11 8:30pm


First Licensed Sports Indie Game Is Now First Licensed Sports Indie Game With Fighting

NLL Lacrosse, which last year became the first fully-licensed sports game on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, has released its second version. Though it features all 10 NLL teams and its 230 players, it's not just a roster update. A completely new game engine, statistics compilation celebrations and fighting are‚Ķ »4/21/11 6:00pm4/21/11 6:00pm