It's Not You, It's Me: When Multiplayer Ruins A Game

You can't talk about multiplayer games without having someone lament the loss of solitary experiences, of games where pesky people don't interfere with your journey and possibly pull you out of it. Plus, people are jerks, man! Why should you have to deal with them? Can't we just escape into our digital worlds without… »4/22/13 6:00pm4/22/13 6:00pm


Nintendo Explains the Wii U's Storage Options In The Strangest Way Possible

The Wii U will finally let Nintendo users download full-size games to a Nintendo console (legally!) but today we learned about the pros and cons of how Nintendo will let people do this. There are some catches that you probably want to know about if you think there's any chance you'd be downloading the next Super Mario »11/14/12 8:45am11/14/12 8:45am

F-Zero and Yoshi Return (Sort Of) in the Wii U's Nintendo Land

While Nintendo's making sure to have at least one big first-party title available for the launch of their new console in the form of New Super Mario Bros U, some of the company's other heavy hitters are quite as lucky. Metroid Blast—part of the themed mini-game collection Nintendo Land—isn't quite a full Samus Aran… »10/29/12 1:23pm10/29/12 1:23pm

Nintendo Land is Much More Than A Glorified Instruction Manual for the Wii U

I already declared that Wii U launch game Nintendo Land is Nintendo's most important game of 2012 and it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to suggest it could be their best game. It's been an ok year for Nintendo releases, but it's not like the makers of Ocarina of Time and Wii Sports have recently released any… »10/17/12 10:00am10/17/12 10:00am

Wonder What Your First Wii U Experience Might Be Like? This Was Mine.

The Wii U console and its distinctive GamePad control device have been floating around convention floors and meeting rooms since its unveiling at last year's E3. But, for one reason or five others, I hadn't gotten my hands on one myself. At least not until yesterday, when Stephen Totilo and I wandered around… »6/27/12 6:00pm6/27/12 6:00pm