How To Get Drunk On Video Games Tonight

Aiming for a night in for New Year's Eve? Especially if you live in a big city and want to avoid obnoxious crowds, I imagine you might be. So here are a few drinking game suggestions that involve a console and a couch and some friends. Oh and your alcohol of choice. Fun night: secured. » 12/31/13 1:25pm 12/31/13 1:25pm

This Hilarious New Year's Eve Special Is A Class-Five Flaming Disaster

It's okay to get a little bit sloppy on New Year's Eve, but this goes above and beyond. At the end of 2012, the Los Angeles station KDOC aired the special above, featuring Jamie Kennedy, Shannon Elizabeth, a totally lit Macy Gray, and a list of additional stars so scattered that it feels like parody. » 1/03/13 10:30pm 1/03/13 10:30pm

New Year's Marathoning: Video Games or TV?

The last and first day of the year for me has always meant spending way too much time in front of the TV. Be it playing video games until I pass out or watching televised marathons, I consider it a guilt-free over-indulgence. » 12/31/09 5:30pm 12/31/09 5:30pm

Got Any Gaming Lined Up For New Year's Eve?

Because I live in the future, in only a few hours I'm off to a new year's eve party. Where there will be beers, meat, beers, friends games. » 12/31/09 1:30am 12/31/09 1:30am