New Super Mario Brothers U DLC Puts Luigi in the Spotlight

The House of Mario is celebrating Luigi's 30th anniversary by releasing several titles focusing on Mario's twin brother. The New Super Luigi U DLC will rework existing levels in New Super Mario Brothers Wii U to deliver new experiences where players will control only Luigi. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said that… »2/14/13 9:17am2/14/13 9:17am


Yes, the Wii U Also Works on Japanese Bullet Trains

For those worried that the Wii U doesn't work on outside, say on Japanese high speed rail, take heart. Apparently, it does. And here's the photo proof.

Kuzo from Japanese site Rocket News recently boarded the Nozomi bullet train—the N700 series Nozomi, to be exact, which is outfitted with electric sockets and WiFi.… »11/26/12 4:00am11/26/12 4:00am

Nintendo Explains the Wii U's Storage Options In The Strangest Way Possible

The Wii U will finally let Nintendo users download full-size games to a Nintendo console (legally!) but today we learned about the pros and cons of how Nintendo will let people do this. There are some catches that you probably want to know about if you think there's any chance you'd be downloading the next Super Mario »11/14/12 8:45am11/14/12 8:45am