The Latest New Pokemon Is A Cold, Dead Thing

In the interest of appeasing those who would rather keep all of the new Pokemon coming in X and Y later this year a surprise, we've employed a time-tested technique of obscuring the latest reveal. It's a Ghost type. It's also a Steel type. And it'd be right-at-home in the hands of a DC Comics superhero. Who's that… » 7/05/13 9:45am 7/05/13 9:45am

Pokemon Platinum Announced, Due In The Fall

Yeah, you read that right. New. Pokemans. Prepare yourself (though don't get too excited). Although strongly hinted at last month (and subsequently spilled in a few Japanese mags earlier in the week), it's only now had its wraps officially taken off by Nintendo. Titled Pokemon Platinum, it's due sometime in the Fall.… » 5/15/08 6:30am 5/15/08 6:30am