Crisis Management: Why DC Comics Is Always Changing Everything

Four years ago, DC Comics killed all of their long-running titles, replacing everything—including their oldest Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman series—with new #1s. This past Friday, they've announced that they're practically doing that again. Big, universe-shuffling change is a constant at DC Comics but it's… »2/09/15 1:30pm2/09/15 1:30pm


Princess Diana Goes Fishing for Monsters in This Wonder Woman #5 Preview

There's been a weird quirk about Brian Azzarello's writing assignments for DC Comics: the less the super the hero, the more powerful his writing's been. Best known for his decade-long crime masterpiece 100 Bullets at the publisher's Vertigo imprint, Azzarello's also tried his hand at in its caped crimefighter… »1/16/12 8:30am1/16/12 8:30am

Batman’s Kill-Crazy Son Runs Away in This Batman & Robin #5 Preview

Batman's a character often portrayed as the ultimate loner, but giving Bruce Wayne an actual, biological son has been the best thing to happen to him in recent years. A few years ago, writer Grant Morrison introduced the character of Damian Wayne—the result of the dysfunctional romance between Batman and Talia,… »1/06/12 12:30pm1/06/12 12:30pm