Netflix Will Pay for Better Speed on Comcast's Internet

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix and Comcast—the company that just bought up Time Warner Cable, remember—reached a landmark deal with potentially serious ramifications for net neutrality. Basically, Netflix is going to pay Comcast for more direct access to its network. » 2/23/14 3:25pm 2/23/14 3:25pm

Net Neutrality and Gaming: Things Can Get A Lot Worse

After last week's court decision striking down the Federal Communication Commission's net neutrality rule, it is worth taking a moment to remember that a world without net neutrality—the principle that the company that connects you to the internet does not get to control what you do on the internet — is a world that is … » 1/24/14 12:00pm 1/24/14 12:00pm

Why You Could Have To Pay More For Online Gaming Soon

Live in the United States? Enjoy being able to stream and browse the Internet to your cold little heart's content? Don't want your Internet costs to go up? It's time to start thinking about what could be one of this generation's biggest issues for gamers: net neutrality. » 1/16/14 4:30pm 1/16/14 4:30pm