A Video Game Might Recreate Auburn's Miracle, But It Can't Be Repeated

As Auburn's grandstands still thundered above him, A.J. McCarron, the Alabama quarterback born in 1990, searched for the words to describe losing in such irregular fashion—on a play that had happened only five times before in major college football history, and never to decide a game, much less one this consequential. »12/01/13 7:00pm12/01/13 7:00pm


The athletics director at the University of Washington—members of the Pac-12 conference and the 1991

The athletics director at the University of Washington—members of the Pac-12 conference and the 1991 National Champions—said his office will advise the university's administration not to license the school's appearance in future video games such as EA Sports' college football series. »8/15/13 6:51pm8/15/13 6:51pm

Three Major College Conferences Will Stop Licensing EA Sports Games

The Pac-12, the Big Ten and the Southeastern Conference—cornerstones of major college football—will no longer license their league's symbols or trademarks to EA Sports. While the 40 members they represent may still appear in future video games, the departure of these leagues is a painful blow to the series. »8/14/13 4:12pm8/14/13 4:12pm

NCAA Football 14 Promises It Won't Give You the Same Old Line This Year

You can load all the physics, all the momentum, all the jukes and trucks and fakes you want into running the football in a video game, but it all unravels when the right guard just watches as a free linebacker strolls into the backfield and cleans your transmission. No matter how good the rest of NCAA Football has… »4/03/13 12:00pm4/03/13 12:00pm

NCAA Football 14 Will Add an Ultimate Team Mode, but How It Will Work is a Mystery [Update]

According to the game's listing at GameStop, NCAA Football 14 is getting an Ultimate Team mode. This is a highly unusual development, given the card-trading game's reliance on real players in titles like FIFA and Madden, and the fact using real college players' names not only is forbidden by the NCAA, but also EA… »4/03/13 10:00am4/03/13 10:00am