Whatever Happens Now, Johnny Football is a Video Game Legend

By all rights, Johnny Manziel should have engraved his name on the Heisman Trophy yesterday. He quarterbacks one of college football's most archetypal brands, the Texas A&M Aggies, and has had an outstanding season running the nation's most demanding gantlet, the Southeastern Conference. On Saturday he and A&M deposed… »11/11/12 5:00pm11/11/12 5:00pm


No, EA Sports has not Quietly Killed Named Rosters in Its College Football Video Game

"Roster Share," a service in which NCAA Football 13 »10/21/12 2:00pm10/21/12 2:00pm players trade edited rosters over EA Sports servers, has been down for a few days on both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. This has given rise to conspiracy rumors that EA has spiked the feature, especially as it's tied to a use-of-likeness lawsuit brought by…

Understanding Its Mobs' Mentality Helps NCAA Football Stand Out in a Crowd

This year, NCAA Football »10/14/12 6:00pm10/14/12 6:00pm included 24-track audio, pulled from an ESPN broadcast at one of the college football's biggest stadiums, hosting one of its best rivalries. The "Go Blue" you hear at Michigan Stadium comes through loud and clear any time you play in Ann Arbor, as the Wolverines or a visitor, as it should. It…

EA Sports Rolls Out Red Carpet for a School Barred From the NCAA 13 Club

The mistaken exclusion »9/09/12 11:00am9/09/12 11:00am of South Alabama, a newcomer to college football's top division this year, from left EA Sports back in June. Both USA and the embarrassed label would have to stew for another year, until , before the problem could be solved. For whatever it was worth, EA Sports' team vowed to give South…

How to Punish Penn State—from the Comfort of Your Living Room

When the NCAA leveled crippling sanctions against Penn State a week ago, harshly penalizing the football power for its lack of institutional control in a 13-year sexual abuse scandal, it wasn't long before I was asked if the NCAA Football »7/28/12 2:00pm7/28/12 2:00pm series, this year or in the future, would incorporate any of these bans and…

Recruiting Myself with NCAA Football and Wondering If I'll Even Answer the Phone

Deciding where to go to college was very simple for me. It had nothing to do with a university convincing me to enroll there; it had everything to do with convincing one to actually admit me. N.C. State, for whatever reason, sent me the fat envelope in late 1990, and I said yes on the spot.

What if I had to do it all… »7/19/12 6:30pm7/19/12 6:30pm

Overlooked School Says Their Fight Song Can Be Patched Into NCAA 13

Baylor University wants answers from a music licensing group it trusted to manage its fight song, which did not end up in a video game whose cover celebrates the school and its first Heisman Trophy winner.

The good news for Baylor Bears fans who bought NCAA Football 13 is that "Old Fite" could be patched back into… »7/17/12 2:52pm7/17/12 2:52pm

NCAA Football's Cover School Says It Had Nothing to do With Fight Song's Disappearance

Baylor University says it demanded no extra money from EA Sports for the use of its fight song in NCAA Football 13 »7/16/12 6:30pm7/16/12 6:30pm and no one in the university's administration had anything to do with the song's exclusion in this year's version of the game, which released last week with its Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback starring…

A Heisman Winner Gets His Close-Up—but Without the Right Music

As a private-school doormat for decades to two big-boy conferences, until last year most people couldn't name one guy on the Baylor football roster. Even if Robert Griffin III won the Heisman Trophy in 2011, it didn't make the school's fight song any more recognizable last week. Maybe that's why so few noticed that… »7/15/12 5:30pm7/15/12 5:30pm

These are the Best Explanations Yet for NCAA and Madden's Ratings

Some attribute ratings are easily understood, if not self explanatory: Speed. Agility. Strength. Others, you're often left guessing what's really going on: Trucking? Finesse Move? Press?

Bowling Green alumnus and Mid-American Conference ambassador Matt Sussman, also a longtime friend of Deadspin, went looking for the… »7/13/12 6:30pm7/13/12 6:30pm