NCAA Football Used Tim Tebow's Real Name Before He Graduated

Real college football players' names are not supposed to appear in video games if they're still in school at the time they are published. But Tim Tebow's name slipped into NCAA Football 10, which came out during the Heisman Trophy winner's senior year at Florida. » 5/25/13 6:00pm 5/25/13 6:00pm

More Than Money, Licenses Give a League Control

Sometimes I wonder if, in the future, a sports commissioner raised among our generation will fire up NBA 2K37 at the end of a terrible week, and let his cares melt away in a league where nothing bad ever happens. » 2/27/10 4:00pm 2/27/10 4:00pm

Game-Inspired Lawsuit No Longer About Video Games

A lawsuit filed against the NCAA's licensing authority by Ed O'Bannon (pictured), the former member of UCLA's 1995 national championship team, will be allowed to go forward, but it's already had its effect on college sports simulations. » 2/09/10 7:20pm 2/09/10 7:20pm

If It's In the Name, It's In the Game

Two weeks ago, startled by hearing my tiny high school's unique nickname announced in NCAA Football 10, I vowed to track down those who put us in the game. » 1/16/10 4:00pm 1/16/10 4:00pm

NCAA Football — Where My High School's Name is in the Game

At my high school - among the smallest in North Carolina - we aren't known as the "Rams" or the "Cardinals." We're "The Buckin' Elks." And Brad Nessler says that name - all of it - in NCAA Football 10. » 12/31/09 7:00pm 12/31/09 7:00pm

The 2010 Video Game Bowl — and Playoff — Spectacular

Do you want a college football playoff? Do you love the tradition of a New Year's Day packed with A-list bowls? You can have both, as shown by Stick Jockey's video game simulation of a 16-team tournament - and 27 bowls. » 12/19/09 12:00pm 12/19/09 12:00pm

Survey Points to Potential New Features in NCAA 11

An EA Sports survey asks respondents which feature, from a list of 13, would most likely drive their purchase of NCAA 11. Possibilities include an "athletics director" mode, and broadcast presentation similar to what was done in NCAA Basketball 10. » 11/30/09 3:20pm 11/30/09 3:20pm

The PlayStation 3 Buyer's Guide

With at least one potential game of the year exclusively nesting on the Playstation 3 and a price drop under its belt, the PS3 has had a pretty darn good year. » 11/26/09 3:00pm 11/26/09 3:00pm

NCAA Football, and the Science of Subjectivity

With true-to-life fidelity, my most recent season simulation in NCAA Football 10 found Boise State losing a trap game late in the season and, as the token BCS Buster from a minor conference, paying for it dearly in the polls. » 11/07/09 12:00pm 11/07/09 12:00pm

NCAA Football 10 Review: Be True to Your School

EA Sports appeals to your school pride and sportsmanship with this year's version of NCAA Football, encouraging you to play the game right and giving you the tools to make its complex tasks more simple. » 8/01/09 11:00am 8/01/09 11:00am

Create-a-School Returns to NCAA Football

NCAA Football enthusiasts are already rejoicing- promotional materials tout a "teambuilder" feature in NCAA 10 that signals the return of "Create-a-School," which has yet to appear on any next-gen versions. » 4/25/09 2:00pm 4/25/09 2:00pm

NCAA Football 10 Gets a Release Date — but Not for Wii

The latest edition of NCAA Football will release July 14 on four consoles, but none of them are named Wii. The "All-Play" version has been sacked as EA Sports focuses on improving the full-featured title. » 3/21/09 2:30pm 3/21/09 2:30pm