EA Sports Coded College Games With Real Names, Say Lawsuit Emails

EA Sports used the real names of college players when coding its NCAA »9/19/12 8:30pm9/19/12 8:30pm rosters internally and the NCAA's licensing authority argued that the publisher should be allowed to include them in the games themselves, according to emails turned up in a lawsuit against both the publisher and the NCAA, ESPN reported yesterday.

Video Games' Strangest Disappointment: When the Ref Doesn't Screw You

This Saturday was about as throwing-things livid I've been over a sports contest in a decade. The last time I was this angry was in 2003, when Jorge Posada doubled off of Pedro Martinez to tie the seventh game of the American League Championship Series »3/15/12 6:01pm3/15/12 6:01pm. I kicked a trashcan across the newsroom of the and cursed Grady…

Basketball's Unhappy November Can't Be Helped by March Madness

In between two of the most-watched college basketball games ever played in November, the NBA's Doomsday Clock inched closer to midnight when its players rejected a take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum and dissolved their union. It's the nuclear winter scenario analysts imagined when they pegged worst-case losses at $40… »11/19/11 5:00pm11/19/11 5:00pm