Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Screens Appear Out Of *Nowhere*

Naruto? Not really our "thing." Chalk it up to ignorance, the daunting back story and the unwillingness to do the work involved to become interested. But the games tend to look »10/08/08 1:00am10/08/08 1:00am spectacular, with for the PlayStation 3 no exception. We can only imagine how intensely 10-year old version of us would have been blown away…

Namco Bandai Roundup - Digimon, Naruto, And The Game That Never Ends

My very last E3 appointment was at Namco Bandai on Thursday afternoon, and while the majority of my time was spent getting my ass kicked at Soul Calibur IV, which I will handle in a separate post, they did have several interesting offerings on hand, from the girl-friendly We Cheer to the anime-friendly Naruto:… »7/21/08 1:20pm7/21/08 1:20pm