MySims Coming to the PC, EA Children Haunt us in Trailer

If you didn't get to pick up MySims for the Wii your in luck because it is coming to the PC. In the game you will get to create original characters, build towns, and grow a community. Expect it to hit stores in October.

Oh, and as an added bonus the trailer features the same creepy children »8/07/08 4:20pm8/07/08 4:20pm from the SimCity Creator…

EA Signs Up Talent Agency To Bring Franchises To Movies, TV

The United Talent Agency and Electronic Arts have announced an agreement to help bring internally developed EA franchises to other entertainment media, including movies, animation, comic books and television. UTA, EA's "partner in crime", will represent the developer-publisher as it moves its IP into the "realm of… »7/23/08 10:00am7/23/08 10:00am