Oh, By the Way, Don't Count on a Curtain Call for Video Games' MVP

Getting an Internet signal inside LA's Orpheum Theater is always a crapshoot. For years, it's been both a daydream and a nightmare that I'd be liveblogging Electronic Arts' E3 keynote as Andrew Wilson or Peter Moore finished EA Sports' segment and then, pretending to forget something, turned and said, "Oh, by the… »6/02/13 6:00pm6/02/13 6:00pm

Modders Keep MVP Baseball 2005 Alive With the World Baseball Classic

There is no game-action simulation of baseball on the PC this year, whatsoever. Management sims like Out of the Park Baseball or Sega's MLB Manager are your only current options in a role that MLB 2K had filled—but the rush job it put in on MLB 2K13 left out that platform. At any rate, no one has included a mode for… »3/10/13 9:00pm3/10/13 9:00pm

EA Sports May Add "A Couple of New Sports Franchises," But Don't Get Your Hopes Up for MVP Baseball [UPDATE]

A top Electronic Arts executive, speaking at an investor conference, hinted that EA Sports could add "a couple of new sports franchises," in the coming year, and reaffirmed the label's commitment to publishing NBA Live, which it canceled for a second time at the end of last year. »3/06/13 12:00pm3/06/13 12:00pm

Four Stories to Follow in a Pivotal New Year for Sports Video Gaming

2K Sports hasn't said specifically when its infamous exclusive pact with Major League Baseball ends, but it's a good bet that day comes on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013.

If someone picks up that license, it'll be the first big story of the year for sports video gaming. If no one picks up that license, it'll be even bigger. »12/30/12 6:35pm12/30/12 6:35pm

Look, Just Forget About a Baseball Game on the Xbox 360 Next Year

The long, slow goodbye to Major League Baseball 2K has been widely expected for more than a year. Gamers therefore assumed that EA Sports—frankly the only publisher with shoulders broad enough to take on this kind of a job right now—would jump back in with MVP Baseball (pictured). You can forget about that happening… »6/06/12 3:00pm6/06/12 3:00pm

EA Sports is Working on a Baseball Game — Probably for Facebook

EA Sports, whose beloved MVP Baseball series went into exile when 2K Sports won an exclusive contract back in 2005, is working on a Major League Baseball-licensed property, according to ESPN's Jon Robinson. Before you get all giddy, a close reading of contracts leaves the impression this will be another Facebook game. »3/23/11 9:30pm3/23/11 9:30pm