When The Future of Video Games Was...Tape Decks

This is a commercial for Hitachi's H2 model of the MSX, Microsoft's unsung hero of Japan's gaming past. The soothing tones, the brilliant whites, the computer-generated animal...this is the future, people. The distant, star-gazing future! Where video games are so advanced they're sold not on discs, or downloaded… » 9/07/12 1:30am 9/07/12 1:30am

The History of Early Computer Games. In Iraq.

There's a really interesting piece up on HG101 in which Iraqi gamer Salwan Asaad, now living in Egypt, recounts his experiences growing up in the 1980s with the region's fledgling scene.

Unlike the hell-in-a-handbasket Iraq has become in the last twenty years, Asaad remembers during the 1980s it was a (relatively)… » 3/28/12 11:30pm 3/28/12 11:30pm