Chinese Indie Creates Movember-Inspired Shaving Game

Movember is coming to an end and a shave may be coming up for those that grew their beards in support for men's health issues. However, for one Chinese independent developer, the shaving has only just begun. » 11/25/13 6:00am 11/25/13 6:00am

30 Days, 25 Robots, 24 Mustaches, And One Sex Change

Last month 25 employees at Age of Empire developer Robot Entertainment stopped shaving in honor of the annual Movember men's health awareness event. Aside from one transforming into a woman, it seems to have gone pretty well. » 12/01/10 1:20pm 12/01/10 1:20pm

Remember, Remember The Robots Of Movember

It's Movember, the time of year when males spend 30 days growing facial hair to raise awareness of men's health issues. The team at Age of Empires Online developer Robot Studios prepares to do its part. Track their progress here. » 11/02/10 5:00pm 11/02/10 5:00pm

You're A Moustache Away From A Red Dead Redemption Cameo

Grow a moustache for Movember, the annual month-long celebration of the moustache aimed at raising awareness of men's health issues, and you and your 'stache could earn an appearance in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption. » 10/26/09 12:40pm 10/26/09 12:40pm