The Original Deus Ex's Visual Overhaul Is Ready For Activation

I generally have a save game going in the original Deus Ex at all times, picking it up a couple of times a month to peck away at the story and relive old times. I hadn't yet downloaded the "New Vision" mod that was partially released last August, mostly because I figured if I was going to do a visual upgrade, I'd wait… »11/29/12 3:30pm11/29/12 3:30pm

Hyper Violent School Shooter Mod Yanked From Mod Hosting Site

The intentionally, unabashedly offensive School Shooter: North American Tour 2012, designed to be "the most realistic student slaughtering modification ever made," has lost support from its former host. ModDB, original host of the Half-Life 2 mod—and hundreds of other mods—has pulled School Shooter from its site. »3/23/11 5:00pm3/23/11 5:00pm