Hard-Luck Hurler Tosses a Perfect Game in MLB 2K's Million Dollar Contest

T.J. Brida, one of Kotaku's Gamers of the Year, and the hardest of hard-luck losers in MLB 2K's Million Dollar Challenge last year, finally threw a perfect game. He did it today with Cole Hamels and his beloved Philadelphia Phillies, against the Atlanta Braves. With 10 strikeouts and 81 pitches, he should be well… »4/03/13 1:16pm4/03/13 1:16pm

MLB 2K13's Million Dollar Challenge Fixes Exploit That Tarnished Last Year's Contest

MLB 2K13 has been blasted for being little more than a re-skinned edition of last year's game, but 2K Sports did correct one of its most glaring exploits, at least—the means of altering an opponent's lineup during a Million Dollar Challenge game to better your chances of throwing a perfect game and winning a huge cash… »4/01/13 12:30pm4/01/13 12:30pm

MLB 2K's Perfect Game Challenge is Back Under New—and, One Hopes, Exploit-Proof—Rules

The Perfect Game Challenge offered by the Major League Baseball 2K series, tainted by allegations of cheating and rules loopholes last year, returns under a new format this time, its fourth in as many years. Though the million-dollar prize pool is still the same size, it will now divide the loot among 30 overall… »2/11/13 1:00pm2/11/13 1:00pm