MLB 2K13's Million Dollar Challenge Fixes Exploit That Tarnished Last Year's Contest

MLB 2K13 has been blasted for being little more than a re-skinned edition of last year's game, but 2K Sports did correct one of its most glaring exploits, at least—the means of altering an opponent's lineup during a Million Dollar Challenge game to better your chances of throwing a perfect game and winning a huge cash… »4/01/13 12:30pm4/01/13 12:30pm

MLB 2K's Perfect Game Challenge is Back Under New—and, One Hopes, Exploit-Proof—Rules

The Perfect Game Challenge offered by the Major League Baseball 2K series, tainted by allegations of cheating and rules loopholes last year, returns under a new format this time, its fourth in as many years. Though the million-dollar prize pool is still the same size, it will now divide the loot among 30 overall… »2/11/13 1:00pm2/11/13 1:00pm

Imperfect Game: Big Problems With Million-Dollar Video Game Contest Lead to Accusations of Cheating

It is now four days since the conclusion of qualifying for the MLB 2K12 »5/04/12 6:30pm5/04/12 6:30pm Perfect Game Challenge and there has been no official declaration of the final eight contestants. Scott Young thinks he should be one of them. And, he says, someone who is going to New York—for a shot at a million dollars—cheated.