Here's How You'll Build Your Own Superhero In The Crazy-Ambitious Project Awakened

Pretty much everyone wants to play as a super powerful badass, roaming the city, saving lives and causing mayhem. But not everyone wants to do it the same way. Do you want to be a Nightcrawler-like teleporter? Or a Magneto-like manipulator? Or maybe you just want to suit up like The Punisher and blow people away? »2/15/13 4:00pm2/15/13 4:00pm

Do You Want To Own The Saints Row Series? Or Just Buy Red Faction? Bids For Parts of THQ Must Be In By January 22.

THQ, the troubled publisher of Saints Row, WWE games, Company of Heroes, Metro: Last Light, the new South Park role-playing game, Red Faction and more, may still be sold in its entirety to an investment group called Clearlake as part of a bankruptcy sale, according to a court ruling. »1/08/13 8:32am1/08/13 8:32am