Here Are The Trophies For Metal Gear Solid 4, From Murder-Puking to…

Metal Gear Solid 4 has always felt a tiny bit incomplete. It's a game that offers a ton of hidden secrets and alternate paths, and leaves itself open to a big variety of gameplay styles. And yet there are no trophies to unlock for finding those secrets, or for playing the game in difficult, uncommon ways. » 8/03/12 3:30pm 8/03/12 3:30pm

Dante's Inferno Isn't Metal Gear Solid. It's the Japanese Police.

If you live in Japan, you've seen Dante Carver on television. The American-born actor plays "Onii-chan" or "brother" in a series of mobile phone commercials that star a dog as a family patriarch, actress Aya Ueto, and Shigesato Itoi's wife. » 12/13/11 3:00am 12/13/11 3:00am

What Is PlayStation's Mysterious 'Long Live Play' Teaser All About?

The PlayStation folks are promising we'll "See beyond the doors"—the doors at the tail end of the above teaser clip—on October 5, 2011. What brand of video game hype is this? And should we be expecting something amazing next week? » 9/26/11 8:00pm 9/26/11 8:00pm

What Does Jennifer Hale Think of the Nickname "FemShep?" (and Other…

From Facebook beauty-contests for the character she plays to big New Yorker profiles to a hilarious case of mistaken Twitter identity, we've been talking a lot about Mass Effect 3's female lead Jennifer Hale lately. So when given the opportunity to chat with her one-on-one at PAX, I jumped at the chance. » 8/27/11 11:30am 8/27/11 11:30am