SimCity's Menu Music: A Lovely Composition That I Never, Ever Want To…

It's hard not to feel a little bit sorry for SimCity's menu music. The jaunty theme plays every time I start (or attempt to start) the game. It accompanies the loading window that precedes the game's proper main menu. » 3/12/13 7:00pm 3/12/13 7:00pm

Okay, I'm Ready To Set The FarmVille 2 Theme Music On Fire Now

Well, that didn't take long. I've been playing FarmVille 2 » 9/13/12 8:20pm 9/13/12 8:20pm for just over a week, and I am 100% ready to light the theme music on fire.

Quest for Glory's Unsung Keytar Hero

I loved all of the Quest for Glory » 6/14/12 7:40pm 6/14/12 7:40pm games, but was easily my favorite. I re-installed it recently due to that great sale at GOG.Com, and so I'm once again making my way through Moravia.

Diablo III Has The Best Installation Music I've Heard in Years

I've been giving Blizzard and Diablo III » 5/17/12 7:45pm 5/17/12 7:45pm a of for the game's , but I don't mean to give the impression that I don't like as a game. In fact, I like it quite a bit! All of the little touches Blizzard has included are splendid and hugely enhance the overall experience of playing the game.

You Don't Have To Sell Me On Your Kickass Soundtrack, The World Ends…

The World Ends With You » 4/05/12 9:00pm 4/05/12 9:00pm was a game about shopping, so it makes sense that included a sales-pitch with its in-game music. Also, about being a teenager. And… playing Tin Pin games? And ghosts. And general confusion.

Mass Effect 3's Musical Secret

I finished Mass Effect 3 last weekend. It was a real rollercoaster ride, especially the back half—stuff sure does get intense in there, doesn't it? Don't worry, I won't post any spoilers here, nor will I talk about the much-discussed ending. » 3/22/12 7:00pm 3/22/12 7:00pm

Good Lord, Computer Gaming World Had Some Hip Menu Music

If you bought a copy of the magazine Computer Gaming World » 3/15/12 7:30pm 3/15/12 7:30pm in the early 2000's, chances are you heard a track by Tomas Diablo. The magazine was one of several PC-centric gaming mags that would come with a bundled CD each month. One of my fondest gaming memories was the CD, upon which I believe I once grabbed a demo…

If This Pac-Man Game Is Sex, Its Bitchin' Menu Music is the Foreplay

Welcome back to "Menu Music," our regular Kotaku » 3/01/12 8:00pm 3/01/12 8:00pm Melodic feature where we look at (and listen to) the best and worst menu music the video game world has to offer.

The Mind-Numbing Music of the PlayStation Vita

Every time I boot up my Vita, I get into an elevator. This elevator takes me to all kinds of cool places—fun games, great graphics, really cool online features, and a highly functional and enjoyable PSN experience. But there's a catch: on this elevator, they're playing incredibly tedious background music. It loops… » 2/16/12 8:30pm 2/16/12 8:30pm