How Do I Know When to Upgrade My PC or Just Build a New One?

Dear Lifehacker,
My computer is getting a little old. I built it myself, but I'm not sure whether it's worthwhile to upgrade individual things like my processor or video card or whether I should just start from scratch and build a new rig. How can I tell when it's time to upgrade and when I should start over? »5/05/14 2:36pm5/05/14 2:36pm

The Science Fact Animating Assassin's Creed's Animus

When it comes to creating a rich storyline, Ubisoft's Assassins Creed has never fallen short in its ability to weave its plot with historical accuracy. One of Its major selling points that sets itself apart from others in the sandbox genre stems from the players' ability to explore both renaissance and medieval eras.… »4/11/12 5:00pm4/11/12 5:00pm

Digital Download Discount for Vita May Explain Sony's Memory Stick Plans

If this is true, it may put a broader context on Sony's plan to sell proprietary memory cards for the PlayStation Vita at jacked-up prices. A rumor reported by the site Thrifty Nerd says the PSN downloadable versions of Vita games will be discounted 40 percent off their retail counterparts. This information,… »12/04/11 4:00pm12/04/11 4:00pm

Microsoft Offering 20GB HDDs Refurb For NXE Upgrade

It emerged last week that Microsoft's NXE upgrade would require 128MB of free space »10/13/08 8:30pm10/13/08 8:30pm and might therefore be out of reach to some Arcade owners. Microsoft promised that some kind of 'storage solution' was in the works and has just released details of an upgrade program to ensure under-specced consoles can receive the…