Lupin III Is Both a Terrible Adaptation and a Horrible Film

At the start of the new live-action Lupin III film, Fujiko, seeing one of her fellow thieves avoid a pressure-sensitive museum floor by using a rocket pack, utters, “You've got to be joking”—which is more than a little apt as it was exactly what I kept saying again and again over the next two hours and fifteen minutes. »9/02/14 7:00am9/02/14 7:00am

Lupin III VS Detective Conan Wastes Much of Its Crossover Potential

When you think of great anime detectives, Detective Conan is probably the first one to come to mind. And when you think of great anime criminals, you probably think of Lupin III. So it’s no surprise that Lupin and Conan are starring in Lupin III VS Detective Conan: The Movie which opened last weekend in Japan. »12/10/13 7:00am12/10/13 7:00am

The Beauty of the New Lupin III Series is Far More Than Skin Deep

Lupin III is one of the staples of Japanese anime. There have been five manga series, five movies, four TV series, three OVAs, one live action film, and a new TV special every year since 1989. Despite its cultural footprint, it had been nearly two decades since the last full anime series when the gang returned to the… »7/13/12 7:30am7/13/12 7:30am