For Men Who Play as Women, Tiger Woods Will Present a Difficult Choice

For several years now, golf fans have been able to create a female professional and play the men's PGA Tour with her. The creation of an LPGA Tour mode in this year's game is another step forward. It's the tour's first appearance ever in a console video game, and the first time gamers may play a career mode associated… »3/12/13 3:30pm3/12/13 3:30pm


Women's Pro Golf Gets Its Career Mode in This Year’s Tiger Woods Game

Player-created female athletes aren't anything new to EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour games. But, while those avatars have been able to compete in the sport's most storied tournaments, there hasn't been any virtual representation of the LPGA Tour in the golf games. That all changes this year, with the inclusion of a… »1/08/13 11:45am1/08/13 11:45am