Finally, The Getaway Is Of Use To Somebody

Man, as a package, The Getaway sucked » 9/15/08 6:30am 9/15/08 6:30am. But the driving parts, and the attention to detail in recreating London, those bits were pretty great, so it's good to see they're at last being put to good use by . A modified version of the game's driving aspect has been used by British scientists to study how London cabbies…

SingStore Update Dies In My Arms Tonight

I've had many issues with SingStar's DLC before, but let me make this clear: none of them are issues with the game's technical delivery. They're all to do with the tracklist, which is so half-assed it doesn't even qualify as an ass anymore. It's just a lump of flesh sitting awkwardly above a leg, just under the back.… » 5/17/08 12:30am 5/17/08 12:30am