Skylanders: Trap Team Introduces Two New Elements: Light And Dark

There has been an awakening. Have you felt it? The dark side... and the light... of Skylanders. Having teased players since the game's October release, Activision finally reveals the two new elements being added to the Skylanders universe starting December 21. » 12/17/14 8:00am 12/17/14 8:00am

This High Speed Camera Tracks Light Bouncing Off a Mirror at 100bn FPS

Slow-motion photography is cool and all, but now a team of scientists has decided to use high-speed photography to track light as it travels through space. In this GIF, you're looking at a pulse of light hitting and bouncing off of a mirror. Really. » 12/05/14 6:59am 12/05/14 6:59am

You, Too, Can Make A Car Look Like It's Going Back To The Future

Crazy computerized effects? Back in Back To The Future's day, they didn't have those. Only pluck and spirit (and time travel). That means that with a few lights and some clever camera work, you can make a toy car look like its blasting through the barriers of space-time at 88 mph. » 9/25/14 6:36pm 9/25/14 6:36pm

Light-Absorbing Anti-Lasers Could One Day Rule Your Computer

Scientists at Yale University have created the world's first anti-laser, a device in which two beams of light clash together, ultimately cancelling each other out. How could such a device change the way we do our computing? » 2/18/11 2:00pm 2/18/11 2:00pm

Setting Up Kinect Is Like Preparing For A Date

Vacuum your floors. Reduce background noise. Make sure you have adequate lighting. Are we playing video games here or hoping to score? This Xbox Live video shows the steps needed to ensure a pleasurable Kinect Experience. » 9/28/10 2:30pm 9/28/10 2:30pm

Nyko's Wii Wand Gets Rumble Nunchuck

Nyko shows off exactly what their Trans-Port technology can do with the introduction of a vibrating nunchuck attachment and gun controller for their Nintendo remote alternative, the Wand. » 2/19/09 12:30pm 2/19/09 12:30pm