The Wii U's Lego Game Appears to Use the GamePad Well

Untethered to any movies, comics or TV shows, the Wii U's Lego City Undercover will be -gasp- an entirely original Lego game from Traveller's Tales and Nintendo. We saw it at E3 and today we've got a new look at it. Pretty nice, huh? It's slated for an early 2013 release, though it's unclear if that means it will… »12/05/12 12:37pm12/05/12 12:37pm

Lego City Undercover Is Basically Grand Theft Auto With Cops. And Legos.

You can run around a very blocky open world in Lego City Undercover, an upcoming Wii U game with some cool new features. Don't expect any blood or prostitutes here, but City Undercover really does feel a lot like a brickified Grand Theft Auto: you walk and drive around an open city, following missions and… »6/07/12 11:30am6/07/12 11:30am