EA Sports Sued by a Desperate NCAA Over the Game it Endorsed and Made

Back in the summer, the NCAA piously announced it would no longer license video games, leaving it to members to decide whether they would continue to appear in EA Sports' college football series. The schools' biggest licensing agent and Electronic Arts chose to settle all claims brought by college players, leaving the… » 11/23/13 3:00pm 11/23/13 3:00pm

Madden Lawsuit Settlement Mails Out the Checks in Time for Next-Gen

Just in time for the next-gen release of Madden NFL 25, lo and behold, here's my check from the settlement of the ridiculous Madden 'monopoly' lawsuit—for $64.14, which is four cents less than what the game would cost, with tax, at any of the GameStops I frequent. » 11/04/13 12:09pm 11/04/13 12:09pm

Electronic Arts has budgeted $40 million to settle lawsuits brought by college football players against its NCAA Football series, which EA Sports canceled last month. The publisher reported the figure to investors today. Though the settlement has yet to be made public, the figure is consistent with rumors reported in… » 10/29/13 5:14pm 10/29/13 5:14pm

Curt Schilling is Selling His Nintendogs DSes in Bankruptcy Auction

Curt Schilling's ill-fated games studio took down the state of Rhode Island with it, so it's not much of a surprise he's in personal bankruptcy, too, selling off all sorts of crap. Discerning video gamers will be interested in items No. 8 and No. 9 in this auction guide, but don't overlook that pink Christmas Tree. » 10/08/13 11:53am 10/08/13 11:53am

We Didn't Want to Kill NCAA Football, Say College Players' Lawyers

When EA Sports shuttered its NCAA Football series about a week ago, it cited ongoing lawsuits brought by current and former college football players. Lawyers for those players say killing off NCAA Football was never a goal of their action, and they're not opposed to the series returning. » 10/05/13 1:00pm 10/05/13 1:00pm

Maker of Religious Video Games Faces Stock Fraud Charges in U.S.

Remember those Left Behind holy-war video games made for the PC in the middle of the last decade? U.S. regulators just sued the company's founder, saying that he and a friend artificially inflated the firm's revenue figures through a stock kickback scheme. The founder says the government is discriminating against him. » 9/25/13 7:00pm 9/25/13 7:00pm

College Footballers Show Support for Those Suing EA Sports and NCAA

Several college football players yesterday showed support for the National Collegiate Players Association, writing the initials of the group's slogan—"All Players United"—on parts of their uniform. It's a show of solidarity with those suing over the use of player likenesses in the NCAA Football series. » 9/22/13 9:07am 9/22/13 9:07am