Insomniac's Space Pokémon Game Flees Facebook For Mobile Pastures

The makers of Ratchet and Clank turned their attention to Facebook last year, creating Outernauts, a hip, Pokémon-style battle game with absolutely splendid art design. Today Insomniac revealed plans to shut down the game's web presence on January 31, focusing on making a mobile version more people might play. » 12/04/13 4:29pm 12/04/13 4:29pm

Game of Thrones: Ascent is More Up-to-Date With the Show Than You Are

Well before the first episode aired on HBO late last month, members of Boston-based developer Disruptor Beam had already seen a little over half of season three of Game of Thrones. They flew down to New York City and sat within a well-guarded theater, taking in the aftermath of the Battle of Blackwater and catching… » 4/22/13 11:00am 4/22/13 11:00am

Hardcore Social: Dungeon Rampage is a Bloody Good Time

Playing social games doesn't have to mean clicking on a farm. In Dungeon Rampage's case, social means wading into hordes of enemies and traversing perilous dungeons side-by-side with other people; you know — old school social, the way your mother used to make it. » 11/09/12 3:05pm 11/09/12 3:05pm

The Grinns Tale Launches, Charming the Pants Off of Everybody

Nexon's free-to-play social RPG The Grinns Tale, which I crowed about a few weeks back, officially launches today. Here's the opening movie. Yes, a social game with an elaborate opening movie. It's also got some interesting stats. » 11/06/12 10:55am 11/06/12 10:55am

The Wondrous Armor of The Grinns Tale

You're looking at the tier six armor for Nexon's utterly wondrous social RPG The Grinns Tale, which I wrote about on that website we had last week. Official launch is November 6, but you can play it now, or watch a video about the game's whimsical design. Your choice! » 11/02/12 9:40am 11/02/12 9:40am

The Grinns Tale is the Most Charming RPG I've Played in Years

Those delightful little creatures with their strange cross-time clothing choices and maniacal grimaces are more than just the player characters in one of the finest social role-playing games going — they're also my friends. » 10/29/12 2:55pm 10/29/12 2:55pm

Meet Midas: A Clever, Free Game With a Golden Touch

I was happy to stumble upon the free Kongregate game Midas today. Created by Melbourne-based Kongregate user wanderlands, it's a simple 2D platform/puzzler based around the story of King Midas. » 1/12/12 8:30pm 1/12/12 8:30pm

Sometimes You Conquer the Road, Sometimes the Road Conquers You

How do you create a competitive driving game with only one car? Bernhard Handler's Roadeo offers a simple and elegant solution. Player one drives the car, and player two steers the road. » 11/01/11 2:20pm 11/01/11 2:20pm

Google Yanks GameStop's Arcade App From Android Market

Kongregate Arcade, the Flash game app released earlier today for Android, has been pulled from the service's online marketplace. Why? Kongregate owner GameStop doesn't know, nor is Google saying. But all hope is not yet lost... » 1/18/11 11:30pm 1/18/11 11:30pm

Kongregate Arcade Floods Android With Free Games

The Kongregate Arcade app for Android brings more than 300 free games to your cell phone... if you have an Android. The app also lets you check out ratings, high scores and comments and even download games to play offline. iPhone owners? Sorry it's Flash. » 1/18/11 3:49pm 1/18/11 3:49pm

GameStop Buys Kongegrate

GameStop, which most of us think of as a chain of stores where you buy disc-based games, has bought Kongregate, which is a website where one can play free games, including many hours of Desktop Tower Defense. » 7/27/10 9:34am 7/27/10 9:34am

Learn How To Make Your Own Shmup!

Kongregate, the online community/portal dedicated to playing and developing games, is furthering the "democratization" of game development with Kongregate Labs. Using the simple-as-its-name-implies side-scrolling shmup Shoot! » 10/17/08 6:40pm 10/17/08 6:40pm as a foundation, Labs features an ongoing series of tutorials (or *groan* "shootorials") that…

What Gaming Needs: More 'World' Games?

Chris Plante has posted a plea over at GameSetWatch - one for bringing more global entertainment to the West (well, America specifically). His idea? Some sort of portal that will be able to showcase games from all over the world, dragging American gamers kicking and screaming into acknowledging foreign countries that… » 6/28/08 4:30pm 6/28/08 4:30pm