Persona 3 Portable And Other Atlus Games Are Now Much Cheaper

You can get the third Persona game for $20 on the PlayStation Network for your PSP. Other discounted games include the first and second Personas, Knights in the Nightmare, and Crimson Gem Saga. [PlayStation Blog] » 3/28/12 9:45am 3/28/12 9:45am

Atlus' E3 Lineup Includes Trine 2

Atlus is bringing the sequel to last year's three-character physics-based platformer Trine to E3 2010. Developer Frozenbyte's follow-up will be joined by Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, a port of ds RPG Knights in the Nightmare for the PSP, and Ace Team's Rock of Ages. » 6/10/10 12:48pm 6/10/10 12:48pm

Knights In The Nightmare Gets Atlus Spoils Treatment

Atlus' upcoming strategy action hybrid Knights in the Nightmare for the Nintendo DS will ship with a soundtrack CD and a pre-order art book, all because of a monkey. » 3/03/09 1:40pm 3/03/09 1:40pm

Atlus Confuses And Astounds With Knights In The Nightmare

Atlus gears up to deliver an innovative mix of role-playing and strategy this June with Knights in the Nightmare for the Nintendo DS, a game that promises energetic action mixed with thought-provoking tactical gameplay. » 2/11/09 4:20pm 2/11/09 4:20pm