This Truly is The Box Solid Snake Belongs In

It's almost like a Wheel of Fortune-style before-and-after. "Solid Snake in a box" + "a box full of kittens" = "Solid Snake in a box full of kittens!" » 7/20/12 1:30pm 7/20/12 1:30pm

Friskies Has Created Three New iPad Video Games for Your Cat

Cat food purveyor Friskies has released a trio of iPad/Android tablet games for our feline friends to enjoy. Tasty Treasures, Party Mix-Up and Cat Fishing, aren't the first iPad games released for cats, but they may be the first games on any platform used to advertise to animals. » 5/19/11 7:30pm 5/19/11 7:30pm

That Prince of Persia Is One Sexy Beast

New photos have surfaced from the set of the upcoming Prince of Persia movie, with more than enough shirtless, slightly hairy Jake Gyllenhaal for everybody. » 3/08/09 3:05pm 3/08/09 3:05pm