I Was Wrong To Blow Off this New Kirby Wii Game

One month ago, in the Nintendo booth at E3, I asked Nintendo people to tell me which Nintendo game I shouldn't overlook. Kirby Wii, they told me. But I was never a Kirby fan. I never played the pink puffball's original enemy-inhaling games. I was ready to ignore them. » 7/11/11 3:20pm 7/11/11 3:20pm

Nintendo's Favorite and Least Favorite Screenshots

Nintendo has a habit of being especially uptight about the press' use of imagery from E3. Nintendo sent a message along with the screenshots they distributed at the show, stating that the enclosed images were "prioritized", and that magazines and blogs like ourselves should try to use the higher rated images if you… » 6/15/11 3:20pm 6/15/11 3:20pm

Kirby Wii is Exactly the Sort of Game I Want to Play on a Nintendo…

Vibrant, colorful, and full of joy, Kirby Wii is exactly the sort of game experience I crave when I power on Nintendo's soon-to-be last generation system. » 6/07/11 9:40pm 6/07/11 9:40pm