Hey, remember that Kingdom Hearts compilation for the PS3? The HD 1.5 Remix? It's still on track for this fall—September 10, specifically. Recently, Square Enix put out a new trailer to show off what the English version plays like. Have a look above, and make sure to check out our review of the Japanese version. » 8/30/13 9:53am 8/30/13 9:53am

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Makes Kingdom Hearts Look Better and Play…

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is the newest in a long line of last generation titles being remastered for the current generation of HD consoles. Like many of these remasters, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is a collection of several games—in this case, Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. It… » 3/22/13 7:00am 3/22/13 7:00am

Playing Kingdom Hearts in Japanese is Just Kinda...Different

As I've been working my way through Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix this past week, it occurs to me just how much I dislike the Japanese cast of the games in the collection—which, given how bad English dubs can be, is pretty surprising. But it isn't that the Japanese voice actors aren't good, rather it's that I miss the… » 3/22/13 4:00am 3/22/13 4:00am

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Does Not Make for an Enjoyable Film

The HD collection Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix contains an HD remastered version of the original Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. Also included in this package is a remastering of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days. However, unlike the other two parts of the collection, this HD version of 358/2 … » 3/19/13 8:00am 3/19/13 8:00am

Let's Look at the PS2 and PS3 Versions of Kingdom Hearts Side-by-Side

» 3/19/13 4:00am 3/19/13 4:00am

HD versions of classic PlayStation 2 titles are all the rage these days, with everything from Resident Evil 4 to Shadow of the Colossus getting a new coat of paint. The newest in the long line of HD remasters is Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix—which includes Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of… » 3/19/13 4:00am 3/19/13 4:00am

New Trailer For The New Kingdom Hearts Game...Collection...Thing

Square Enix was really weird about Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix at the Tokyo Game Show. Kept saying it was a "video work". We're sure there's going to be game in there somewhere, probably a lot going by the footage here, but just how much, we won't know until Square stops being so weird. » 9/24/12 2:40am 9/24/12 2:40am