Killzone: Shadow Fall Is Out, And All We Can Do Is Sit And Stare

Excited soon-to-be PS4 owners are getting their hands on early copies of Killzone: Shadow Fall. With nothing to play the game on for another two weeks and change, all they can do is sit and stare, discovering all the intricacies, massive hard disk requirements and misspellings the next-generation PlayStation has to… » 10/29/13 7:10pm 10/29/13 7:10pm

Killzone On The PS4 Might Actually Be More Comfortable To Play

If you're purchasing the PlayStation 4 this holiday season and are into first-person shooters, chances are you'll be eyeing Guerrilla Games' latest installment in the Killzone franchise: Shadow Fall. But while those shiny new graphics will catch most people's eyes, I'm more concerned with how the game plays. » 9/26/13 5:30pm 9/26/13 5:30pm

Here’s a Taste of PS4 Multiplayer Action with Killzone: Shadow Fall

The glimpses shown so far of Killzone: Shadow Fall have been portions of the single-player, along with very in-depth, shiny tech demos. But, if you want to know what it’s going to look like when folks start going online and blasting at each other, then this here is what you really want to see. » 9/24/13 12:30pm 9/24/13 12:30pm

What PS4 Games Would Be Like On The Oculus Rift

As I write this, Kotaku bossman Stephen Totilo has just walked into the office with an Oculus Rift. A bunch of us have already strapped on the VR goggles to our faces and have been super-impressed with what the headgear is able to accomplish. But, an Oculus optimized to work with the PS4? That’d be slick as heck. » 7/19/13 4:00pm 7/19/13 4:00pm