Japanese Kindergartners Sing the Dayman Song from It's Always Sunny

Why is a chorus of Japanese kindergartners singing the Dayman song from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? A better question would be, "why aren't all choruses of kindergartners everywhere singing the Dayman song from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?" » 10/15/13 4:01am 10/15/13 4:01am

Teenager Carves His Own Name Into 3,500-Year-Old Egyptian Relic

A family in Nanjing, China, was left embarrassed and apologetic after their 15-year-old son was found to have defaced an ancient Egyptian relic with the phrase "Ding Jinhao was here." » 5/29/13 7:06am 5/29/13 7:06am

Utah Library Now Even Less Cool as a Hangout

This is a story about a library issuing a partial ban on the playing of video games, but really, it makes sense. Actually, it's good news, because it means that kids still choose to hang out at libraries. Of course, this is in Utah, so such wholesomeness is unsurprising. But no one can play video games at the Eagleā€¦ » 11/15/08 2:00pm 11/15/08 2:00pm