Life Behind Bars ‘Extremely Traumatic’ For League Of Legends Player

According to the parents of the 19-year-old facing eight years of prison for making threatening Facebook comments, jail has been a horrible experience for Justin Carter. Maybe that sounds like a no-brainer, but reading the specifics of what Justin Carter is undergoing while jailed is kind of shocking. »7/03/13 8:30pm7/03/13 8:30pm

Facebook Comment Lands League of Legends Player in Jail

Trash talk during video game play isn’t all uncommon. And, while it’s troubling when the chatter turns sexist, racist, homophobic or extremely threatening, many games and communities have their own remedies: penalties, bans, negative consequences for player reputations. The last thing you’d expect is for someone to… »6/28/13 1:30pm6/28/13 1:30pm