Two Quotes That Help Warren Spector Assess Where He's At Right Now

Legendary game designer Warren Spector was talking at the DICE convention in Las Vegas today, but didn't want to talk about his departure from Disney and the shuttering of his studio. He wanted to talk about the "graying of gaming" or at least about his journey though gaming. But the elephant is in the room, he said. » 2/07/13 2:51pm 2/07/13 2:51pm

Rumor: The Studio Behind Epic Mickey Is In Trouble [UPDATE]

Rumors are flying that Junction Point, the game studio behind Epic Mickey and its sequel, the recently-released Epic Mickey 2, is facing some issues. » 1/28/13 6:23pm 1/28/13 6:23pm

Epic Mickey 2 Needs the Power of Two... Development Studios

Junction Point—the development studio founded by legendary game designer Warren Spector and later acquired by Disney—made 2010's Epic Mickey all by themselves. That technologically ambitious and mostly pretty game came out exclusively on the Wii. But, now that Mickey and Oswald's next outing will be a multiplatform… » 3/26/12 8:30am 3/26/12 8:30am

Looks Like We'll Hear About The Next Epic Mickey Game This Week

The Internet was abuzz today with rumors about a possible Epic Mickey 2 for Nintendo 3DS following a tweet from France's Nintendo Magazine yesterday afternoon. » 3/20/12 7:30pm 3/20/12 7:30pm

Rumor: Disney Guts Internal Game Development Staff

CNBC reports that up to half of Disney's internal game development staff - think Epic Mickey and Junction Point - has been fired. And that's not including the 170 from last week. » 1/25/11 1:15am 1/25/11 1:15am

Review: Epic Mickey Reveals The Price Of Mischief, But With Camera…

Mickey Mouse is no Super Mario. He's the star of a more unusual kind of game on the Nintendo Wii, a game that starts poorly but finishes as one of the best hero stories of the year. » 12/06/10 2:00pm 12/06/10 2:00pm

Feel The Epic Of Disney Epic Mickey's Newest Trailer

The second cutest epic for the Wii is coming to North America November 30, giving Mickey Mouse fans a chance to explore the morality of Disney's most famous mascot. Epic Mickey's newest trailer focuses on the epic-ness of it all. » 10/25/10 7:30pm 10/25/10 7:30pm

To Be Perfectly Clear, Epic Mickey Is Wii "Exclusive"

Any lingering doubts that Warren Spector's new Disney game Epic Mickey was bound for the Wii? Didn't think so. But if you're wondering if it will also be coming to, well, anything else, here's your unfortunate answer. » 10/08/09 6:40pm 10/08/09 6:40pm

Epic Mickey Revealed, Warren Spector Speaks

It should come as little surprise that Warren Spector and his Junction Point development studio have been working on Epic Mickey, a game half-revealed by rumor, concept art and sparse details. But now it's official. » 10/05/09 6:20pm 10/05/09 6:20pm

Details On The "Epic Mickey" Game

Normally, we wouldn't pick at the edges of such a translucent title, but this one's super-interesting, so we're picking: CVG say they have some details on Warren Spector's Disney game. » 7/30/09 11:40pm 7/30/09 11:40pm

Spector's "Epic Mickey" Is For The Wii

So it looks like Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios are working on a Disney game code-named "Epic Mickey". The concept art looks amazing, but we still have questions. Like what platform is it for? » 7/29/09 9:00am 7/29/09 9:00am