Joe Biden On Video Game Violence: 'We Shouldn't Be Afraid of the Facts'

As part of an initiative to address gun violence in America after the Newtown school shootings, the Vice President of the United States answered questions today in a Google Hangout. The subject of video games—and the medium's possible correlation to violent behavior—came up and the video above capture Biden's… »1/24/13 2:45pm1/24/13 2:45pm


VP Joe Biden Wants To Meet With Video Game Reps Over Gun Control

Later this week, Vice President Joe Biden will be hosting a panel looking at ways to reduce the level of gun violence in the United States. According to a report on Bloomberg, he's invited the NRA, along with "gun-control advocates, victims of shootings and representatives of the movie and video game industry". »1/08/13 10:00pm1/08/13 10:00pm