The Handwritten Blueprint For A Musical Masterpiece

Before music becomes music—before it's played by musicians—it's just ink on a page. Some compositions require a great deal of ink and a lot of pages, hundreds of carefully-drawn notes bound into massive tomes of score-paper. And yet it's worth remembering that some of the greatest compositions of all time were born of… » 9/23/13 10:30pm 9/23/13 10:30pm

The Skyrim Theme Becomes Elevator Music

Courtesy of the fine folks at Reddit, we've got a video of YouTube user (and pianist) live4divin, who performs a jazz reharmonization of Jeremy Soule's main theme from Skyrim. For non-musicos, reharmonization is when you take an established melody (say, "All The Things You Are") and write new chords to go underneath… » 12/09/11 6:40pm 12/09/11 6:40pm