Blizzard Boss Defends Former Diablo III Director: 'I was Ultimately Responsible for the Game'

Earlier this week, Jay Wilson, the director of Diablo III, said he was leaving the title while still remaining at its publisher, Blizzard. There was a lot of cheering in the game's official forums, because video games are not that different from sports, where fans openly root for people to lose their jobs after a… » 1/20/13 3:00pm 1/20/13 3:00pm

Diablo III Just Got Harder Than Hell With New 'Inferno' Difficulty

Diablo and his minions will dole out the most extreme player punishment in Diablo III, thanks to its fourth, harder than Hell difficulty level known as Inferno. Blizzard revealed the harsh, high-level difficulty gameplay feature at Gamescom today, explaining what it means for the most dedicated of Diablo III players. » 8/17/11 8:20am 8/17/11 8:20am

Diablo III's Coolest Feature - The Rune System

Over the last couple of days I've briefly touched on Diablo III's new rune system, but after talking a bit with the game's lead can designer Jay Wilson for a bit I figured the system warranted it's own post. You see, while past games have featured items that augment the powers of your abilities, the massive scope of… » 10/13/08 5:30pm 10/13/08 5:30pm

Only The Barbarian Will Return In Diablo III

When Blizzard announced the first two classes in Diablo III » 8/21/08 8:20pm 8/21/08 8:20pm, the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor, at least one fan of the series was taken aback by the class rehash. That would be me, for the purpose of this post. After enduring such a long wait for the third installment, why resuscitate the Barbarian, when there are…