Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame signed on to play the lead in the Tokyo Vice film version. Tokyo Vice is Jake Adelstein's memoirs from his crime reporter days and is definitely worth picking up. » 5/02/13 5:00am 5/02/13 5:00am

The Nintendo They've Tried to Forget: Gambling, Gangsters, and Love…

Nintendo, the world's family-friendly video game maker, formed under less virtuous auspices. Before Nintendo made video games, they made playing cards for gangsters and ran their own love hotel, which some assert their own president frequented—during work. Saucy! » 3/22/11 3:00pm 3/22/11 3:00pm

What Do A Tokyo Cop And A Lawyer Think Of Yakuza 3?

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Screw My Girlfriend, And I'll Review Yakuza 3

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