The Wait For Ninja Gaiden Creator's Next, Devil's Third, Is A Long One

We got a look at Tomonobu Itagaki and Valhalla Game Studios' next title, Devil's Third, earlier this year, but we won't actually play it for a long, long time. » 8/09/10 6:20pm 8/09/10 6:20pm

Ninja Gaiden Creators Reveal Devil's Third, The Bloody New Shooter From …

Famed video game designer Tomonobu Itagaki and his select group of creative warriors at Valhalla Game Studios are making a new game, Devil's Third, a hyper-violent shooter for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. » 6/11/10 11:30pm 6/11/10 11:30pm

Kotaku Originals: ピシング・マッチ

Updated: That headline means "pissing match" in Japanese, according to commenter stargateheaven. But in any language, the Itagaki-Tecmo split got beyond bad-breakup nasty this week. Itagaki wants his money back, Tecmo's heaving shit out the front door. Just bad. And like giggling gossiping schoolkids we intercepted much… » 7/26/08 10:00am 7/26/08 10:00am