Two-button fighter Divekick is coming to the Xbox One. Buried at the bottom of a long list of developers self-publishing via ID@Xbox, Dave Lang of Iron Galaxy confirmed the scrappy title for Microsoft's latest console. » 12/04/13 10:05am 12/04/13 10:05am

Divekick Is The Smartest, Most Absurd Two-Button Fighting Game I've…

A fighting game that has only two buttons—and that only has one-hit kills. A fighting game dreamed up as a joke but now targeted for the pro fighting scene. A game that will be playable on PC, PS3 or, most ridiculously, by two players on one PlayStation Vita. » 3/26/13 9:41am 3/26/13 9:41am

Wreckateer: The Kotaku Review

This review of Wreckateer is a little late because last week, I was also under siege from large stones, some of them burning. They were just in my kidneys. While Wreckateer may be more enjoyable than a trip to the urologist, it still involves its own degree of waiting and uncertainty, and likewise requires you to… » 8/02/12 4:40pm 8/02/12 4:40pm

Scribblenauts, the Video Game that Seems Like a Magic Trick, is Pretty…

The premise and the promise of Scribblenauts always was extraordinary: write any noun (concrete noun, no proper names) into the game and the virtual object it represents will appear. » 10/12/11 9:30am 10/12/11 9:30am