Easily Turn Your iPhone 5 Into GTA V's iFruit

Grand Theft Auto has long been known for parodying everything from vehicles, to advertising, to pop culture, to even the technology that dominates the time. So it's not surprising to see one of the characters in the recently released GTA V using an iPhone parody called the iFruit. And now you can actually get your… »9/30/13 10:45pm9/30/13 10:45pm

Goodbye iPhone, The Samsung Galaxy Note II is My New Gaming Phone

Up until recently I'd been counting the days until my December mobile phone upgrade eligibility, the day I could extend my contract for another two years in exchange for a discounted iPhone 5. There'd been a gnawing anxiety deep in my gut, growing stronger each day my friends possessed Apple's latest gadget and I did… »12/20/12 4:55pm12/20/12 4:55pm

Woman's Husband Apparently Won't Buy Her an iPhone 5, So She Protests

This Saturday, Apple opened its newest store in Beijing. The Apple Wangfujing store is Asia's largest, and there were around one thousand people lined up at the opening. There was also this woman.

Dressed in red, she carried a sign that read: "My husband wont buy me an iPhone 5; Searching for my jeweled encrusted… »10/22/12 6:00am10/22/12 6:00am

Developer Gets Why Gamers Scoff at iPhone 5, but Says It’s an “Awesome Gaming Device”

The iPhone 5 could potentially be a big step up for mobile gaming. But lots of video game enthusiasts still think of the mobile landscape as a backwater to be snickered at. You might think that Firemonkeys executive producer Rob Murray—who makes the Real Racing series for Apple's iDevices—would be offended to hear… »9/14/12 3:30pm9/14/12 3:30pm

This is Not an Xbox 360 Game. It's an iPhone Game. Serious.

Sure, racing games have it easier than most when it comes to making things look pretty, but still. Come on. Just look at this. There are enough jaggies to make me think it's almost a 100% genuine screenshot, but enough of everything else to think that, yeah, maybe the new iPhone 5 will be pretty damn great for video… »9/12/12 7:16pm9/12/12 7:16pm