Police Blotter: Someone Stole an Xbox 360 from the U.S. Open

Crime is a constant feature of video games writing. Somewhere, someone is doing something illicit with them—sometimes comically stupid, sometimes tragic. Games and consoles are currency, objects of dispute, sometimes even weapons themselves. Kotaku's Police Blotter is here to round up the latest in games crime. » 6/23/13 2:00pm 6/23/13 2:00pm

A Claim to Fame, in the Dodge City of Video Games

These days, a big weekend in Ottumwa, Iowa, population 26,000 or so, is defined by the line out the door at its Applebee's. On its chamber of commerce's list of 101 things to do there, you'll see attractions like genealogy research, pumpkin picking, and a tour of the John Deere factory. The same as most towns spread… » 4/06/09 1:00pm 4/06/09 1:00pm