iPhone 4S Weekend Sales Top 4 Million

Apple said today they sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S in the three days since its launch on Oct. 14. They also report that more than 25 million customers are now using iOS 5, which upgrades, but still doesn't even come close to fixing the iPhone's Gamecenter. » 10/17/11 9:04am 10/17/11 9:04am

The People Who Make Pocket God Are First Out of the Gate with All-New…

iOS 5, the operating system that powers Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, goes live October 12. The people who make video games for iOS are already taking advantage of the update's newest features, including a revamped, Achievements-filled Game Center. » 10/11/11 11:00pm 10/11/11 11:00pm

Mini Motor Racing Bringing Cloud Saves to iDevices

Another racing game, another iOS feature implementation. This time, it's Mini Motor Racing, the upcoming Micro Machines-meets-motocross title from Binary Mill, that's going to go live with the iCloud feature rolling out for the bleeding edge of Apple's portables. (You might remember Binary Mill as the devs who teamed… » 10/06/11 12:20pm 10/06/11 12:20pm

Real Racing 2 HD Adds Wireless Splitscreen Multiplayer for iPhone 4S…

So, maybe you're a bit disappointed by not getting a shiny new iPhone design revealed during Apple's announcement yesterday. You're not alone. But the real exciting stuff was all the news about iOS 5, what with the Siri personal assistant and full video mirroring through Apple TV. » 10/05/11 1:00pm 10/05/11 1:00pm