Darksiders II Is Just The Most Recent Game to Prove that Imitation…

I was far from the only reviewer to observe that Darksiders II very clearly draws inspiration and ideas from a number of other games that came before it. Happily, it does so well, and it does so successfully. The mechanics and concepts it brings forward from other games are nearly all good ones, and for the most part… » 8/16/12 6:30pm 8/16/12 6:30pm

Skyrim is the Wrong Place to Look for Dragon Age III Inspiration

Commenter Tony Danza stars in today's newly-rescheduled episode of Speak Up on Kotaku, giving us the skinny on a Dragon Age III that won't be the glorious return to glory fans hoped it would be. You'd think we would have changed time slots on a happy note. » 3/26/12 5:30pm 3/26/12 5:30pm

Pot Man And The Video Game Characters A Rapper Identifies With

Are Mega Man's battle chips the same thing as a rapper's weed and alcohol? Houston-area rapper A.D.D. talks about the video game characters that inspire him, name-checking Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear, and Tomba. Tomba? » 1/27/11 3:20pm 1/27/11 3:20pm

Separated At Birth: Borderlands And CodeHunters

A post on reddit.com has fans pondering the connection between Borderlands, a comic-shaded video game that begins with a bus trip through the wasteland, and CodeHunters, a comic-shaded animated short that begins with a bus trip through the wasteland. » 1/08/10 5:20pm 1/08/10 5:20pm

The Other Real-Life Inspiration For The Saboteur's Hero

Pandemic's art director Chris Hunt found the inspiration for The Saboteur's main character at a concept artist convention, but not how you'd think. » 7/27/09 11:20am 7/27/09 11:20am