Why Microtransactions Aren't Going Away Any Time Soon

"I refuse to buy microtransactions in any game. They're trashy, greedy, and their existence shows nothing but disrespect for players. No matter how they're implemented they cause me nothing but unbridled hatred toward whatever marketing department decided to infect an otherwise decent game with the hyper-capitalist… »12/23/14 11:00am12/23/14 11:00am


​Minecraft Diamonds are 11 Times Rarer than Real Ones

Diamonds are the second rarest material in Minecraft. You can mold them into the most durable tools and weapons, or just make a copy of the Statue of Liberty. If you've tried looking for them for any length of time, though, you know the material can be frustratingly rare. In fact, it's even scarcer in Minecraft than… »11/06/14 1:18pm11/06/14 1:18pm

Crave Some Random Facts? This Diablo III Infographic Is Just For You

Blizzard's hack and slash extravaganza Diablo III has been out for over a year now, and they decided to celebrate with an infographic. From the usual statistics to quirky trivia, this one has them all—though I would've loved to know exactly how many keyboards were broken over Error 37. Check out the graphic below. »5/22/13 6:20am5/22/13 6:20am

17 Vatican Virtual Farmers and Other Entertaining FarmVille 2 Stats

They might have lost Kirk Hamilton and Stephen Totilo, but every day eight million other people still hop online to water their virtual crops in Zynga's social farming sequel, FarmVille 2. According to the first FarmVille 2 Almanac infographic, 17 of those players are playing from the Vatican. I suspect something more… »1/04/13 2:55pm1/04/13 2:55pm